Eduardo Campos dos Santos

preambule education expertise and skills publications

Publications, Posters and Presentations

  • Santos, E.C., Almeida, V. Seminar: Structural Computational Biology – Using STING_DB to study protein structures March 26, 2008. UFMG - Belo Horizonte - MG, Brazil.
  • Lopes, J.C., Santos, E.C. Database of known therapeutic targets and a druggability index for sequences in SwissProt and PDB database. Em: ISMB 2007, Vienna, Austria.
  • Santos, E.C., Lopes, J.C. TargetsDB – A Database of Known Therapeutic Targets. X-meeting 2007, São Paulo - SP, Brazil.
  • Alencar, S. A. ; Lopes, J.C. ; SANTOS, E. C. . A Non-Synonymous SNP Database for Pharmacogenetics Studies. X-meeting 2007, São Paulo - SP, Brazil.
  • Monograph of completion for Improvement/Specialization (UFLA)
    (Keywords: bioinformatics; free software)
  • Article UFLA - 2003, Lavras, MG, Brazil. Keywords: bash script; GNU/Linux; system administration)